What Can You Do To Make Your Remix Stick Out From The Crowd?

Splice is a great tool for those looking to up their production game, and their community is even better. Full of tips and tricks from the industry, the site is a gold mine for young producers. They recently shared an article with 4 tips from two-time Splice remix contest winner Kotek, highlighting his top tips to make your remix stand out.

  • Don’t follow trends: It’s easy to ride the newest wave of popularity and put out cookie-cutter remixes that will eventually become jaded. Standing out requires a unique style/brand, not massive amounts of plays on one remix. Make people fall in love with your unique artistic vision, not a single song.
  • Analyze the original: It’s important to fully analyze all of the elements contained within the original. What was the artist’s intended message with the song? What kind of effects do you notice in the production? Analyzing the track and its stems will give you an in-depth look into what made the track successful.
  • Less is More: If you’ve run out of ideas but have a solid, short track’s worth of material, don’t be afraid to release that. Copy-paste has become a big problem with the rising generation of aspiring producers, and little-to-no variance in a track hurts its legitimacy. An interesting but short idea will keep listeners coming back for more, but the same drop pasted twice will simply lead to boredom.

Check out the rest of the article below, there’s some really awesome stuff in there.

4 tips for making an awesome remix