Ways You Can Stay Healthy On The Road

Sometimes, the perks of being a touring DJ aren’t as glamorous as they seem. Travel plays an enormous factor in a touring DJ’s life and career, and incidents that occur during travel can have some serious effects on the outcome of a show. We’ve all seen it happen: a world-class DJ cancelling a show due to an unpredictable illness or flight issue.

Health is a seriously important thing to keep in mind when going from club to club, playing late nights and partying in the early hours of the morning. It’s crucial for the longevity and success of your career to take proactive steps during touring to ensure you’re able to give every crowd your full, 100% effort.

Once again, the crew over at DJ TechTools recently put out a great article covering ways you can stay healthy on the road, as told by 8 experienced, touring DJ’s. Check the full article out below!

Top Wellness Tips For DJs, From 8 Experienced DJs