Symphonic Distribution Releases 100% Free DIY Guide To Spotify

Since its launch in 2008, streaming-giant Spotify has been steadily making its mark on the music industry. The service has completely changed the way artists promote their tracks and receive royalties, while also drastically changing how listeners find these new tracks. Some artists have found it difficult to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the industry, leaving tons of gems hidden within the depths of Spotify.

Last week, Symphonic Distribution decided to tackle the issue head on, releasing a thorough 12-page guide to Spotify and all its intricate details. The guide isn’t going to make you internet-famous overnight, but the information provided will surely arm you with proper foundations to build a successful Spotify profile. They cover Spotify’s latest features, using them, getting yourself verified, promoting your tracks, and more, requiring only an email address to access all of this info. The process is easy, as Symphonic Distribution doesn’t even require a second link to be followed; simply enter your email address and name and click “Download.”

Follow the link provided HERE to get your free copy!