Rorschach Music Group Celebrates Its Inaugural Release With A Monster Drumstep Collab By Greg Gatsby and Maradonai Called “Ready For It”

With 2016 slowly closing to an end (I think most of us are thinking ‘Thank God’ for that), we look towards 2017 with cleared eyed and refreshed hope in that it will be “Our year”. With a clean slate, most of us are envisioning and imagining the possibility of a better us. We want be stronger, faster, sharper, more exciting, more interesting and just flat out motivated to make improvements 25 hours a day, 8 days a week!!! Well, If you’re looking for that push to get you there, Rorschach Music Group has the key you need to get it started with their first official release “Ready For It” featuring the rising Rorschach signee Maradonai out of Quebec and Greg Gatsby representing Boston.




Maradonai & Greg Gatsby – Ready For It

Before pressing play on “Ready For It”, be wary of the title, because you better be ready for it once this track kicks off. Running a tight 2 minutes and 58 seconds of pure pulse pounding audio energy, this relentless drumstep hybrid track that will help you dig deep and find that extra gear if you need it. This song has absolutely zero chill as it goes from driving drums and throttling basslines into beautifully chaotic bass wobbles with club ready atmospheric synths that just overcomes the listener. It’s a no holds barred, gang busters type of track that highlights the party starting energy of Greg Gatsby and the clean sound design of Maradonai. It’s a strong start and statement by RMG right now and in the coming year.

Rorschach Music Group is off to a promising start with this track and it’s available now for free download! With a growing roster of motivated young artists, collaboration with SCRVP’s MMXVAC Artist Collective and bi weekly releases starting 2017, Rorschach Music Group’s vision is becoming more and more clear.

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