How to Make Your Mix Seem Louder Without Destroying Ear Drums

The overall mix of your track can make or break it. Even if your production is on point, a proper mixdown is VITAL for your track, to ensure all the elements you carefully created stand out in their own way. Sometimes you’ll want one aspect to be louder than another, but achieving this isn’t as simple as raising the volume on one. Most tracks will be mastered to similar volumes, so achieving a proper mix is key to making one aspect seem louder than another within your track.

Cymatics goes in-depth on this in a helpful post to their blog. They talk about the concept of “perceptual loudness,” which pretty much directly translates into a proper mixdown. By making one element SEEM louder than another, you can achieve a ‘louder’ track without actually having to up your dB’s. This can be done with techniques like slotting, compressing, and arranging, all of which Cymatics goes in-depth with in their article. As they say, “maximum volume, minimum voltage.”

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