Helpful Ways To Start Giving Your Mix A Professional, Studio-Grade Sound

One thing that plagues producers just starting out is that feeling that your track doesn’t sound as ‘good’ as your favorite tunes. You’ve probably experienced this when just starting out: you create a track you’re super proud of but once you give it a full listen back, it just sounds like you made it in your bed room. Of course this isn’t the case with every producer, it really is a common phenomenon that can often times be extremely discouraging.

While this obviously isn’t a tell-all in why your mixes may sound a bit more ‘amateur’ than your favorite tracks, the article below by the Pro Audio Files does have some useful tips that really can help up your mix game. Critical thinking, experience, and even the literal room you’re producing in all have influence over your mix, and The Pro Audio Files dive head-first into how and why this happens. And they don’t just simply point out reasons your mix is wrong, instead explaining the significance of each, its effect on your mix, and potential solutions, giving you an actual understanding of your situation. Once armed with the proper knowledge, you’ll be able to start dissecting your own problems, eventually fixing them with a bit of patience and tenacity.

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