DJ TechTools Break-Down What To Expect From The Ableton Live 10 Update

Earlier this month, Ableton announced that their highly-anticipated Ableton Live 10 update would be released within the first quarter of 2018. Widely-acclaimed site DJ TechTools took it upon themselves to create a comprehensive guide to all of Live 10’s new features, giving you the in’s and out’s of the program so you can make an educated decision to either upgrade or keep your current version.

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One major upgrade coming to Live 10 is the addition of Wavetable, Ableton’s all-new synth that can create a vast range of sounds from analog synths and instruments, while also including numerous effects to further alter the sound. In addition to Wavetable, Live 10 will also be getting 3 new effects to add to your favorite synths, with one very notable one being an all-in-one drum editor that will help create the exact sound you want out of your percussion.

In addition to this, Live 10 will be getting some aesthetic overhauls to make everything look cleaner and make your workflow more smooth.

For all of Live 10’s  new features, make sure you check out DJTT’s full article below!

Ableton Live 10 Announced: What’s New?