Big Ups to Your EDM for The Support on Rorschach’s Latest Release

The team over at Your EDM has recently been showing some serious love for the Rorschach crew. The site’s latest round of support premiered Jsquared and Malcolm Flex‘s new track, “We Brought the Party,” with their massive audience, exposing many to the high-energy party anthem.

The track starts off with some nice arpeggiated synth work, which quickly leads into Malcolm Flex’s melodic flow. The instrumental remains pretty simple throughout the intro, allowing for Flex’s vocals to really shine. A long build-up takes things to the drop, where Jsquared and Malcolm Flex utilize plenty of vocal chops to craft a simple-yet-powerful sound that commands the listeners attention.

-Your EDM

Check out the rest of Your EDM’s article HERE, and be sure to stream “We Brought The Party” below!