A Feeing Of Importance

This awesome video reminds me of something I’ve been noticing in my own inbox. I have been getting messages from people I never met and maybe never will. Often it’s a DM from an electronic music fan or producer in India, or Japan or South America. Sometimes it’s Quebec or Maine or Arizona.

I bet some of my DJ and artist friends get these too. They may seem pointless at first. Maybe some random person that wants something from you. You often feel like they’re looking to use you, maybe they’re just bored and saying hi to every DJ on Instagram. Often they ask for advice; this can get annoying answering ten kids a day asking you something they can Google.

But I’ve always answered every one of them. If someone sends me a heart emoji and I think it’s weird, I still say hello and see what they’re all about. And what I’m finding is some are fans and excited to just be acknowledged, and most of them only know me from my BIO. They stumbled on my story and saw what appeared to be success and confidence, probably happiness. Things they are desperately reaching for in their lives. They also figured I’d never answer and even if I did we’d never meet, so they open up and reach out.

What happens next is often powerful, I find these people needed someone to talk to. An outlet, like the man in this video provided. A question about how do I deal with adversity turns into them telling me about their dying father. I have these talks daily with strangers. It’s beautiful and fucking awesome and probably the reason we are artists in a way. Our purpose is to connect.

Artists, DJ’s and all creators. Those random inboxes, fan mail and emojis you’ve been receiving. Answer them, it’s often a lonely kid looking for someone to make him/her feel important. You can do that.